Using A Penny To Check Tire Tread Depth

Teens Don’t Know How to Check The Tires

Almost half of teen drivers in the US don’t know how to check their tires for wear or proper pressure. Results from a study conducted by Michelin North America showed that teens aren’t getting basic vehicle maintenance training in state driver training courses or from their parents. Basic maintenance checks on tires, windshield wipers, fluid levels, and lights are an important part of driving safety yet the study shows that:

  • 27% of teens never check the condition of their tires.
  • 44% of teens don’t know how to check the tire tread for wear.
  • 29% don’t know how to check the oil.
  • 57% don’t know how to change the windshield wipers.

According to the study, only six states require some basic tire maintenance as part of their driver education program.

Along with teaching their teens the rules of the road, parents need to devote time in teaching the teen how to check for tread wear and tire pressure. Time also needs to be devoted to teaching their teen what to do if dashboard warning lights illuminate or if there is an engine overheat indication. Teens, especially girls who are most vulnerable if their vehicle is disabled, need to know how to change a tire or at least have a number to a roadside repair service programmed into their phone.

As part of their program Beyond The Driving Test, Michelin has created Youtube videos and a glove box guide to aid drivers in performing simple maintenance checks. Read more: Beyond The Driving Test

Driving with one hand

Ask The Driving School Instructor: Driving With One Hand

Question: Is it safe to drive with one hand?

Answer: I will say that it’s only safe to drive temporarily with one hand but not all the time. If you need to adjust a control such as the air conditioner or windshield wipers or to pick up something one hand on the wheel is fine. However, you shouldn’t get in the habit of driving with one hand all the time. Driving with one hand doesn’t give you full control over steering and it could hurt you very badly in certain circumstances. Let’s look at a couple of the ways that driving with one hand could be dangerous.

Driving distractions can be even more dangerous when driving with one hand. Most people tend to put their hand at the top of the steering wheel. If you were to to turn your body to look for or to reach for something, you may inadvertently pull the wheel in the direction your body is turning. If that happens while your eyes are off the road, you could drive over into the other lane or off the side of the road.

If you were suddenly involved in a traffic crash in which your airbag deployed, with one hand positioned at the top of the wheel, your hand and arm are going to be driven back into your face at 200 mph. It could break your arm and it isn’t going to do wonders for your face either.

Older drivers were taught to always keep their hands at the 9 or 10 o’clock and 3 or 2 o’clock positions on the steering wheel. Today, because of airbags, safety experts suggest keeping your hands lower on the wheel at  the 8 and 4 o’clock positions. Don’t wrap your thumbs around the wheel. Instead, rest your thumbs on top of the wheel. With your hands and thumbs in this position, you’ll have more control and you’re less likely to be injured if your airbag deploys.

Fewer Teens See Pot As Risky

Fewer Colorado Teens See Pot As Risky

Fewer teens, in the first survey taken since Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana, see pot as a risky drug. Researchers can’t connect the legalization of pot to the change in attitudes but they say it isn’t helping. Read more: Fewer Colorado Teens Believe Marijuana is a Risky Drug to Use

Speed Limit 60 Sign

Ask The Driving School Instructor: Why do people drive above the speed limit?

Question: Why do people drive above the speed limit?

Answer: There are several different reasons why people tend to drive above the speed limit but none of those reasons are valid.

The top two reasons that people tend to drive faster are: Continue Reading

Marijuana use among teens

Marijuana Use Has Negative Effect On Teen Brains

Regular marijuana use has a negative impact on teen brains according to researchers. Psychologists at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention cited several recent studies showing the harmful aspect of regular marijuana use on teen brains. Continue Reading