Predict Pedestrian Behavior

Cars May Predict Pedestrian Behavior

Smart cars keep getting smarter with collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure systems to avoid crashes. Now a Japanese engineering firm is working on a system to detect and try to predict pedestrian behavior. If the system detects that a pedestrian may be distracted or may walk into the roadway, it warns the driver. If successful, this system could save a lot of pedestrian lives. Read more: Denso camera tech detects distracted walking

Distracted Driving Women

Fighting Distracted Driving By Not Being Distracted

April is Distracted Driving Month and as reported in this article, the best defense against distracted drivers is not allowing yourself to be distracted. These are good tips. Read more: Tips for Dealing with Distracted Drivers

Motorcycle Lane Splitting Can Lead to Accident

Lane Splitting Can Be Dangerous

Under California law, motorcyclists can legally split the lane (drive between two lanes of traffic) but it is only legal if traffic is traveling at 30mph or less and the motorcyclist can’t go more than 10 mph over the speed of other traffic. Even though it is legal, lane splitting can still be a dangerous maneuver if the motorcyclist isn’t fully aware of the surrounding traffic situation as in this video. Read more here: This Is Why Lane Splitting Can Be So Dangerous

Raising the speed limit

Florida Legislature Looks At Increasing Speed Limit

Raising the speed limit from 70 to 75 mph will result in speed increase of just seven percent. However, a 3,000 lb. vehicle hitting a solid object at 70 mph will experience a crash force of 491,744 lbs. but that same vehicle striking a solid object at 75 mph will experience a crash force of 564,502 lbs., an increase of 14 percent.

Add to that, the tendency of many drivers to drive 5 mph over the speed limit and the crash forces rise to 642,277 lbs., an increase of 30 percent. Read more:  Bill to increase speed limit heads to Senate floor

Safety Recalls

Thirty Percent Ignore Auto Recalls

A NHTSA study shows that only 70 percent of owners respond to manufacturer recalls on their vehicles. In light of the recent recalls from GM for ignition problems and Nissan for airbag problems, these drivers could be putting their lives in jeopardy. Read more: NHTSA STUDY SAYS 30 PERCENT OF DRIVERS IGNORE RECALLS

drugged driving test

Reducing Drunk / Drugged Driving

An Illinois law that requires ALL drivers convicted of DUI to install an interlock device in their vehicle is showing positive results. California is also testing devices for law enforcement use that not only detect alcohol but drugged driving as well. Read more: Illinois Helps Lead Nation in Drunk Driving Prevention

Susana Martinez signed a new bill banning texting while driving

New Mexico Becomes 42nd State To Ban Texting While Driving

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed a new bill banning texting while driving in New Mexico. Read more: Gov. Martinez signs texting while driving ban bill

Distracted Drivers and the Move Over Law

Car Crashes But Driver Still Maintains Control Of Cell Phone

This story from a tow truck operator shows how distracting a cell phone can be and why the “Move Over Law” is important not just for police and fire but for tow trucks as well. Read more: Tow truck driver’s scary tale of oblivious driver

Tips for spring breakers

Tips for Parents and Spring Breakers

If your child is headed to the sun for spring break, here are five tips from a pair of Florida lawyers that you should share before your spring breakers leave. Read more: Five Things Every Parent Should Know About Spring Break

increase the speed limit

AAA Against Proposed Speed Limit Increase In Florida

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has come out against a measure proposed by Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes to increase the speed limit on Florida’s interstate highways.

Read more: 75 mph? AAA against raising Florida’s speed limit