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"Teaching Your Teen"
Checklist & Evaluation Report

The teen driving evaluation is one of the most important aspects of the learning process. It provides an opportunity to review concepts and provide feedback on the driving lesson. Ask your teen to evaluate her or his driving after the lesson. Use this Checklist and Evaluation Report with the Checklist Instructional Guide provided at the end of the Driver Education Handbook for Parents to provide a critique.

One important aspect of teaching your teen to drive is to acknowledge areas of improvement and determine areas where further discussion and practice is needed.

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Date: ____ / ____ / _______

New Driver Evaluation Checklist Excellent Good Poor Notes
Part 1: Basic Skills  
Pre-vehicle checks   
In-vehicle checks   
Starting vehicle   
Moving and steering vehicle smoothly and accurately   
Maintaining a visual scan inside and out   
Stopping Vehicle smoothly and precisely   
Making accurate turns   
Backing Up   
Posture (hand position, foot position, and proximity to steering wheel)   
Part 2: Intermediate Skills  
Maintains a minimum 2 second following distance   
Yields the right of way to vehicles and pedestrians   
Communicates with other drivers   
Scans ahead 12 seconds   
Follows road signs and speed limits   
Signals well ahead (minimum of 100 feet) when making a turn   
Identifies possible hazards   
Parking vehicle on curb   
Parking on an incline   
Parking at an angle   
Straight-in parking   
Adjusts vehicle for proper space cushion   
Adjusts defensive driving for rural areas, neighborhoods, & school zones   
Properly enters and exits roundabouts   
Maneuvers through open intersections correctly   
Uses proper passing techniques allowing for time and space   
Keeps eyes Scanning in and around vehicle   
Maneuvers through traffic controlled intersections safely and correctly   
Part 3: Advanced Skills  
Maneuvering in rush hour traffic   
Compensates for reduced visibility in night driving   
Compensates for different weather -light rain, heavy rain, hail and fog   
Expressway driving   
Entering and exiting highways   
Applies precautions for Trucks   
Identifies and responds to motorcycles and bicyclist   
Adequately handles complex and multiple driving hazards   
Understands escape routes and looks for the softest way out   
Versed in emergency procedures   

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