Cars talk to each other

Cars Should Talk To Each Other Say Feds

Cars should talk to each other says the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and they announced earlier this week that they want to begin taking steps to allow cars to do just that.

Known as Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, or V2V, the system would broadcast a vehicle’s speed and position to other vehicles nearby. According to NHTSA, the proposed system wouldn’t actually take steps to stop cars or take over steering if another vehicle came too close, it would only warn the driver if another vehicle appeared to be on a possible collision path. They also stressed that the system would not track a vehicle’s movements and it wouldn’t exchange or record personal information; the cars will only talk to each other.

Although it will take years to bring it to market, NHTSA feels that a system of this type would go a long way toward preventing most common types of crashes such as rear-end or left-turn collisions. Read more: Cars Talking to Each Other Will Save Lives, the Feds Say