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Ask The Driving School Instructor: Will New Laws Be On The Driving Test?

Question: I heard that there are some new driving laws that were passed in Florida this year. Will those they be on my driving test?

Answer: The Florida legislature has considered some changes to the driving laws this year but none of them are laws yet. If they pass the legislature and are signed into law by the governor, the laws probably won’t take effect until July 1st at the earliest. Some will go into effect on Oct. 1st and some on January 1st of next year.

 Your written driving test will be based on information in the Florida Driver Handbook and the latest version of that handbook was published in 2014. If you notice, at the beginning of the handbook, there is a section called “Important Law Changes”. That section will have all the new laws that have gone into effect as of the date the handbook was written.

 You’ll only be tested on the information that is currently in the handbook and not on any laws that may have been passed since then. Of course, if you go to take your behind-the-wheel driving test, you should be aware of any new laws that may have gone into effect and, even if a law, such as the new law against texting and driving, isn’t mentioned in the manual, it’s a good idea to obey it.