Dori Slosberg Foundation Programs That are Saving Lives on our Highways

The Dori Slosberg Foundation is a private non-profit public service organization dedicated to traffic safety. It is named after the daughter of State Representative Irv Slosberg, Dori Slosberg, who at 14 was killed, along with four others in a car crash while their seat belts were unbuckled.

The foundation’s mission is to further educate the public about the importance of traffic safety while promoting safe driving habits and helping Florida law enforcement to ensure a risk-free driving environment on roadways. They also support nationwide programs that enable law makers to save lives through legislation. An example of this is the development of the Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law, which increases the effectiveness of safety belt law enforcement.

Since it was established in 2004, the Dori Slosberg Foundation has developed with several programs and initiatives to provide information on traffic safety including:

Staying Alive on 95, 75 & Florida’s Roadways
Focused on keeping Interstate 95, Interstate 75 and Florida’s roadways as safe for driving as possible, this program brings together concerned individuals and law enforcement to work on innovative ways to keep Florida’s major roadways safer.

DUI 0 Tolerance
This annual brings DUI law enforcement and relatives of DUI victims together, providing an outlet to tell their stories of loss, and reiterating a no-tolerance policy for DUI offenders.

Driver’s Education & Safe Teen Driving Programs
The foundation has set out to form assemblies across the state of Florida which reinforces the value that driving safety begins with proper driver education, before teens even obtain their licenses. They hold conferences for teachers and instructors to create awareness of current resources and technology available for them and to ensure students are getting the quality driver education they deserve. They also reinforce the idea that, before teens get their licenses, they should know about seat belt safety and the dangers of distracted driving.

Safe Senior Transportation
The foundation has been working to find ways to give alternative means of safe transportation for those who are unable to drive due to age or disability. They also provide a one-stop shop for getting elder drivers license renewal and assessment of their driving skills. They also hold a forum for giving safety tips for senior drivers.

Through committed passion and constant attention, these programs and the support of the public have turned the Dori Slosberg Foundation into an influential force when it comes to traffic safety.