Florida learner's permit

Ask the Driving School Instructor: Trick questions during the DMV test?

Question: Will there be any trick questions when I take my behind-the-wheel test at the DMV?

Answer: No! Believe me when I tell you the license examiners are too busy to play games during the test. They have a list of basic maneuvers that the applicant has to complete and a long line of applicants waiting to take the test. They just need to see if you can complete the listed driving maneuvers safely after passing the written test.

When I gave the exams, I would always tell the applicant that there were no trick questions; all they had to do was follow my simple directions and the test would be simple. Invariably, when I gave a direction, I could see their hesitation and could almost hear the wheels spinning in their heads; wondering if this was a trick question. Often, at the end of the test, I would ask if they still thought I was asking trick questions in spite of my assurance that there wouldn’t be any. They always answered “Yes!”

When you go to take your exam, don’t worry about trick questions; there aren’t any! Just do what the examiner tells you to do and you will find that the test is much easier and simpler than you imagined. Best of luck to you.

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David Herron has been a driving school instructor for more than sixteen years. For the past seven years, he has been a course writer and blog author for Lowest Price Traffic School. He has also worked as a License Examiner for the Florida DMV’s Division of Drivers Licenses.