Speed Limit 60 Sign

Ask The Driving School Instructor: Why do people drive above the speed limit?

Question: Why do people drive above the speed limit?

Answer: There are several different reasons why people tend to drive above the speed limit but none of those reasons are valid.

The top two reasons that people tend to drive faster are: Continue Reading

Marijuana use among teens

Marijuana Use Has Negative Effect On Teen Brains

Regular marijuana use has a negative impact on teen brains according to researchers. Psychologists at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention cited several recent studies showing the harmful aspect of regular marijuana use on teen brains. Continue Reading

Teen driving mistakes

Parents May Be Distracting Their Teen Drivers

Parents may be distracting their teen drivers by calling to check up on them. According to research presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention, more than half of teens responding to a survey said they were on the phone with a parent while driving. Continue Reading

Teens not imune to car crashes

Ask The Driving School Instructor: Most Common Type Of Crash

Question: What is the most common cause of car crash?

Answer: It’s hard to nail down one single cause of most car crashes but, since this is a teen blog, I’ll address the types of driving behaviors that I have seen lead to most teen traffic deaths. Continue Reading

Parental control

Parents Ignore Teen’s Advice Against Texting, Driving High

Parents are  ignoring their teen’s advice against texting and driving while high. This strange sort of modern day turnaround was revealed in a survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Holding Co. The survey results showed that 42 percent of teens report that they have asked parents to stop texting while driving and 18 percent have complained to their parents about driving while high on marijuana. Continue Reading