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Highway Dangers & Crash Statistics

The City of Tampa has a population of almost 348,000 but the Greater Tampa metro area has a population of more than 2.8 million, making it the 17th largest urban metro area in the US.

If you have received a ticket in Tampa you are probably pretty angry and upset but consider this:

  • In 2012, the City of Tampa recorded 6,457 traffic crashes, 488 of which were alcohol related.
  • Both I-75 and I-4 run through Hillsborough County. Based on the number of fatal crashes per mile, 1-4 is the 3rd deadliest interstate in the US and I-75, within the borders of Florida, is the 15th most deadly interstate.
  • According to the Transportation for America's Pedestrian Danger Index, Tampa is the second most deadly city in the US for pedestrians and is surpassed only by the Orlando-Kissimmee area.
  • Traffic incidents in Hillsborough County are on the rise in almost every category.

How bad would the traffic situation be in Hillsborough County be if the traffic rules weren't enforced?

Hillsborough County Crash Stats20112012Percent Change3-Year Avg.
Total Number of Motor Vehicle Crashes 18,008 20,180 +12.06% 18,788
Fatalities 151 178 +17.88% 161
Injuries 16,283 16,145 -0.85% 16,536
Alcohol Related 1,424 1,478 +3.79% 1,422
Alcohol Related Fatalities 63 60 -4.76% 57
Alcohol Related Injuries 648 665 +2.62% 651

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Hillsborough County Clerk of the Court:
Website, Traffic Fines

Directions to Hillsborough County Clerk of the Court:

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