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Florida Traffic Ticket Tips

Last year in the United States there were more than:

  • five million traffic crashes
  • two million injuries
  • 30,000 traffic deaths (one-third of those traffic deaths were due to speeding)

Can you imagine what driving conditions would be like if the traffic rules weren't enforced?

If you have received a ticket in Florida, here are some tips regarding your options. By understanding the process, you can save time and money!

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What are your options if you receive a ticket in Florida?

  1. Plead guilty and pay the fine - If you choose this option;
    • The state will assess points against your driving record - accumulating enough points within a certain time period will lead to suspension of your license.
    • Your insurance company may raise your rates or even cancel your policy
  2. Hire a lawyer and try to fight the ticket in court. By choosing this option;
    • There is no guarantee that you will win your case.
    • You may still face fines, points, and increased insurance rates.
    • Regardless of the outcome, you will still have to pay the lawyer.
  3. Pay the fine and attend a traffic school. What are the benefits of choosing this option?
    • By completing traffic school, adjudication is withheld and no points will be assessed against your traffic record.
    • With certain exceptions,** your insurance company is prohibited by state law from raising your insurance rates or canceling your policy.
    • If you were designated as a "Safe Driver" on your license, your safe driver status will be maintained giving you a longer period between license renewals.
    • Traffic school costs far less than hiring a lawyer.
    • You may now take the course online, at home, and on your own schedule.

**Your rates may be increased if you were at fault in a traffic crash.

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