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Florida Traffic Ticket for Running a Stop Sign

Florida law makes a basic driver improvement course (also referred to as "traffic school") a requirement for all drivers that receive a ticket for running a stop sign.

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Florida drivers who are cited for this offense will receive a notification from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of your requirement to attend traffic school within 90 days of receiving the ticket. You can start and complete the course before receiving the formal ticket or any time in the 90 day window.

This DHSMV-Approved traffic school course will satisfy this mandatory requirement and can be taken online.

*Plus State of Florida Assessment Fee & Provider Processing Fee, Convenience Fee, and/or ADLTS Fee as applicable More Info

How it Works

The 4-hour basic driver improvement course helps drivers refresh their driving skills, learn about recent legislation that affects road users, and pick up new defensive driving techniques.

Drivers who take the course online will find it convenient, interesting, and easy to complete. Attending traffic school online allows drivers who have busy schedules to complete the course in sections, so it doesn't interfere with work or time with family. An online driving course is particularly convenient because it can be taken anywhere the driver has access to the internet: Home, work, school, or even a coffee shop.

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