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Florida Driver Handbook: A Message to Students

Study for your upcoming driver's license test or learner's permit exam with the Florida Driver Handbook.

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Florida Driver Handbook: A Message to Students

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Learners Permits and Drivers Licenses open new opportunities, new freedoms, and new responsibilites. Indeed, as a licensed driver, you will have a responsiblity to protect yourself, your passengers, and others on the roads and highways.

This is no idle responsiblity. That means you and others need to be buckled up before the wheels roll on each and every trip, no matter how short the distance. You also have a responsibility to be focused on the road - not distracted by phone calls - and, of course, never text and drive.

Remember, you share the road with other drivers and you need to be considerate, courteous, and safe. No matter who you are, no one is invincible. Always stay cautious, alert, and sober. You never knows what lies ahead. So, study and retain this handbook - it will help you gain the knowledge that you need to pass your DMV written exam available ONLINE at and become a safe driver in the years ahead.

Ken Underwood
National Safety Commission

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