Best states for teen drivers

Best States For Teen Drivers: Florida Ranks 34th

In a list of best states for teen drivers, Florida ranked 34th according to a survey conducted for Wallet Hub. Wallet Hub is a website designed as a one-stop site to help individuals and businesses make financial decisions and their teen driver survey is primarily focused on the financial aspect of teen drivers in the home. However, teen driver safety issues and laws designed to keep teen drivers safe play a big part in the total cost of teen driving.

To conduct their survey, the researchers considered various aspects that contribute to cost and safety where teen drivers are concerned. Factors that were considered included:

  • The number of teen drivers in each state
  • Teen driver fatalities
  • Impaired-driving laws
  • Graduated driving laws
  • Average cost of car repairs
  • Cost of insurance

A correlation can be seen between strong graduated driving license laws (GDL) and teen driver safety. Several studies have shown that states with strong GDL laws have lower teen fatality rates. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) created a GDL crash reduction calculator that shows Florida would experience a 20 percent reduction in insurance rates and a 45 percent reduction in teen fatalities if the state were to adopt the strongest GDL laws on the books in other states.

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