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Alcohol-related crashes

Even Just One Drink Is Too Much

Even one drink is to much according to a study by the University of California San Diego that looked at crash data from 1994 to 2011 involving over 570,000 collisions. The study found that drivers who had a Blood Alcohol Content as low as 0.01 percent were 46 times more likely to be blamed in a crash. Read more:

Drunk driving and prison

Woman Speaks On Consequences Of Drunk Driving Before Entering Prison

A young Texas woman who faces 15 years in prison for a drunk  driving crash that took the life of a 19 year old man shares her story in hopes that others may learn from her mistake. Read more: Woman shares story before heading to prison for deadly DWI crash

AAA teen driving program

AAA Wants Teens To Make The AAA PROMise

With the arrival of prom and graduation season, the American Automobile Association (AAA) is promoting a program to help teens remain safe on the roads.  In conjunction with the program, a survey of students in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Wisconsin conducted by AAA showed some disturbing information. Among the data found;

  • 41% of teens report it is likely that they or their friends will be under the influence of drugs or alcohol sometime during prom or graduation season.
  • 22% of teens have ridden in a car with an impaired driver or driven impaired because they didn’t want to call their parents for a ride.

The program sponsored by AAA is called the AAA PROMise. In the larger metropolitan areas of FL, GA, TN, and WI, if teens can’t get home safely from their prom or graduation and they call their parents for a ride, the parents can then call AAA for a free tow home for the family vehicle. Read more: Make the AAA PROMise

drunk driving victim

Drunk Driving Victim Shares His Story

Alex Balluff, suffered traumatic brain injury after being hit by a drunk driver. After months in a coma, the former honors student and star athlete survived but no longer has any short term memory and must rely on notes and journals to recall the day before. “I’m no longer the old me,” Alex said. “I lost my old identity.” Alex is now sharing his story with high school students. Read more: ‘I lost my old identity’; Drunk-driving victim shares his story at conference

Unlikely Partnership

Unlikely Partnership Against Drunk Driving

A Tennessee mother who lost her son in a drunk driving crash has formed a partnership with the drunk driver who killed her son to spread the word on the dangers of drunk driving. She has also started an organization called “1N3” that points out that one in three of us will be affected by drunk driving at some point in our life. Read more: Mother and drunk driver who killed her son team up

Photo: WCRB TV News Chattanooga, TN