Signs of Impaired Driving

When you drive, remember that there may be impaired drivers on the road with you.

Sometimes it may not be obvious that the driver is impaired. Never assume that other drivers see you or that they can understand and predict your next course of action. Even if the driver sees you, he or she may not have time to respond, or might make the wrong move.

Watch for signs of impaired driving, such as:

  • driving too fast or too slow
  • drifting in and out of a lane or straddling lanes
  • driving without headlights on at night
  • stopping for no apparent reason
  • tailgating other drivers
  • using the turn signal inconsistently and/or making abrupt turns.

If you see someone driving erratically, increase your following distance and stay a safe distance away from the vehicle.

This post is an excerpt from a recent edition of the Safe Driving Teen Monthly Bulletin. Each month the National Safety Commission publishes the bulletin for teens and parents designed to improve teen driver behavior, attitude, skills, and experience. Subscription Details