Parents Are Aware Of Alcohol Use

Parents Are Aware Of Alcohol Use At Teen Parties

A new study shows that most parents are aware of alcohol use at teen parties hosted in their homes. This disturbing fact came to light in a study printed in The Journal of Primary Prevention. The researchers gathered their data through phone interviews of 1,121 teens in 50 mid-size California cities over a two year period.

The good news from the study is that most of the teens interviewed hadn’t hosted a party where alcohol was used. However, among those that had hosted a party during the previous twelve months, thirty nine percent reported that there was alcohol at their last party. The alcohol was supplied by multiple sources.

From those reporting alcohol use at a party they hosted:

  • 72% percent of those having a party stated that at least one of their parents knew about their last party.
  • 64 % reported that a parent was home at least part of the time.
  • 70% said that their parent(s) definitely knew that there was alcohol at the party.
  • 24 % replied that their parent(s) probably knew.
  • Only 5 % said that their parent(s) did not know that there was alcohol at the party.

Apparently many parents are either turning a blind eye to the dangers involved with teen drinking or they are operating under the belief that “Teens are going to drink anyway so it’s better to have them drink at home.”

All states have laws that make it illegal to serve alcohol to a minor and, even if the parent didn’t supply the alcohol, they can still be held liable if they were aware of the alcohol use and did nothing to stop it.

More than half of the states have enacted Social Host Liability laws that hold the homeowner liable for injuries that occur due to alcohol served in their home. Homeowners can be charged with a criminal offense if a third party, outside the home, is injured or killed due to use of alcohol at a party hosted by them.

To prevent drunk driving by teens, parents need to be vigilant in preventing alcohol use by their teens. The first place to start is within the home. If a party is to be held at another teen’s home, parents need to communicate with those parents to ensure that no alcohol will be permitted.

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