Saving money on gasoline

Tips for Saving Gasoline while Driving

How many of you have ever been driving along, and taken a glance at your fuel gauge, have you ever been absolutely astounded at the lack of gas there is there? Despite the fact you only filled up last week.

With the cost of fuel rising rapidly, we all want to live more frugally in order to save extra cash for gas. But few people realize that there are a few simple ways that you could make your gas last a lot longer, meaning you end up spending less money on gas because you’re filling up a lot less frequently! And of course, these tips can help you save your environment too, which we should all be trying to do!

First of all, it’s important you look after your car, it sounds silly but having an unmaintained vehicle chugging about the place is not only bad for your wallet, but for your gas meter and the environment too! Always check your oil, air filters, and all other standard maintenance checks, by doing this it can actually make your vehicle a lot more fuel-efficient.

Make sure that all your tires are properly inflated. Statistics dictate that having your tires inflated at the correct level can actually make a difference to your gas levels, and of course as well as this, it’s a whole lot safer than having them too pumped up or too flat, and it ensures that your tires last.

One big gas waster has to be stopping and starting in rush hour traffic, so the simplest solution to this is to just avoid it completely! Leave late, or leave early, whichever is easiest, but it’s becoming more and more well know that traffic jams are one of the biggest ways to waste gas!

Alternatively, if you can work from home a couple of days a week, give it a go! Not only will it be a really nice change to day-to-day work life, but it can save you a ton in gas because you’re reducing how much you use your car. This way is also a lot kinder to the environment than driving daily.

Remove all excess, unnecessary weight. Lots of us drive around with all sorts of junk in our cars, but why? Little do we know that driving with excess weight in our cars can drag the car, meaning it will require more fuel, so it’s best to get rid of all that stuff that’s too heavy, it’s been cluttering your car anyway!

Always try to buy gasoline during the coolest times of the day. It sounds silly, but it’s actually quite intelligent. By buying gas either early in the morning or late evening means you’ll be getting gas in its densest form. When gas is warmer, it expands, meaning that when you fill up mid day in the summer, you might get a lot less than you’re paying for.

Why not try carpooling? It’s often not hard to find people who live in the same area as you and work with you, or near your place of work. By carpooling a few times a week, and switching around who takes who, you could end up saving yourself a lot of gas and money, and so could all of your colleagues!

And finally, wherever you can, try walking or cycling to your destinations, it sounds silly, but if ever you can afford to walk or cycle somewhere instead of driving, then go for it! You’ll be saving yourself gas and money, and you’ll also be saving the environment too! So try these tips and you might find yourself with more money in your pocket, and more gas in your tank!