Fifty Vehicle Wisconsin Pile-up

Here’s an interesting video from a Wisconsin traffic camera that shows the anatomy of a multi-car pile-up.

  • While viewing this video, take a look at all the mistakes these drivers made:
  • Driving in unplowed lanes.
  • Driving too fast for conditions.
  • Not watching the road ahead.
  • Not leaving enough clear space between vehicles ahead.
  • Not slowing down when approaching the crash site.
  • Not seeming to realize that swerving around the crashed vehicles will cause your vehicle to spin madly out of control on the snow and ice.


After a crash:

  • Illuminate your hazard lights.
  • If it’s driveable, try to remove your vehicle from the travel lanes.
  • If you get out of the vehicle, get off the roadway! People standing in the roadway were almost hit again by other crashing vehicles.
  • Don’t stand in the oncoming lane of traffic.