Worst state for drivers

Florida Ranks Sixth Among Worst States For Drivers

In December of 2013, CarInsuranceComparison.com published a list of the Worst Drivers By State. Florida unfortunately, was listed as the sixth worst state for drivers in the country but to those who live and drive in the state, the news may not come as a complete surprise.

CarInsuranceComparison.com compiled this list by gathering data from various sources including; the National Highway Transportation Safety administration (NHTSA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD), and the National Motorists Association (NMA). They scored each state according to five categories:

  • Fatalities Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Failure to Obey (Traffic Signals + Seat Belts)
  • Drunk Driving
  • Tickets
  • Careless Driving

Each state, including the District of Columbia was given a ranking based on the data in each category. The higher the number, the worst the state scored. After each category was tallied, the state was given an overall score and ranked in comparison to other states. Florida’s score in each category was:

  • Fatalities Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled – 33
  • Failure to Obey (Traffic Signals + Seat Belts) – 38
  • Drunk Driving – 18
  • Tickets – 48
  • Careless Driving – 51

That gave Florida an overall score of 188 placing the state in sixth place for the worst states for drivers. Florida received the first place rank in careless driving with a score of 51.

The top ten worst states for drivers along with their worst ranking are:

  1. Louisiana – Careless Driving # 48
  2. South Carolina – Careless Driving # 50
  3. Mississippi – Fatality Rate # 47
  4. Texas – Drunk Driving # 47
  5. Alabama – Tickets # 49
  6. Florida – Careless Driving # 51 (First place)
  7. Missouri – Failure to Obey # 48
  8. North Carolina – (Tied with Missouri) Careless Driving # 44
  9. Montana Fatality Rate and Drunk Driving # 51
  10. North Dakota – Drunk Driving #50

Which state was listed as the best? Vermont was ranked as the least most dangerous state for drivers with a top ranking category of 1 in careless driving.