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If you have received a traffic ticket in Hillsborough County, Florida there are steps you must take within a short period of time to avoid going to court or getting points on your license.

Most first-time offense civil infractions such as speeding or running a red light can be handled outside of the court saving you time, money, and points on your driving record.

Review the back of your ticket to find out if your infraction qualifies and choose one of the options below before the deadline posted.

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*Pursuant to Florida Statute 318.14(9)
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Traffic Ticket Options for Hillsborough County

  1. Attend Online Traffic School
    1. Your auto insurance rates CANNOT go up and your policy CANNOT be cancelled unless you were at fault in a crash.*
    2. NO POINTS will be added to your driver's license record.*
    3. Your Safe Driver status is maintained if applicable.
  2. Pay the Civil Penalty on the Citation
    1. Your case will be satisfied upon payment
    2. The charge will be entered on your driving record as a conviction
    3. POINTS WILL BE ASSESSED as applicable
  3. Plead Not Guilty
    1. Judge may adjudicate you guilty
      1. Points may be assessed
      2. Fines can go as high as $1,000
    2. Judge may require you to attend traffic school
    3. Insurance rates may go up
    4. Policy may be cancelled

To start your traffic school course, choose a course format below. All courses cover the same material and take the same amount of time to complete.

Information About Hillsborough County Roadway Safety

Hillsborough County is located in West-Central Florida on the Gulf Coast. The largest city and county seat is Tampa. Hillsborough County is 4th most populous county in Florida.

If you have received a ticket in Hillsborough County you are probably pretty angry and upset but consider this:

  • The numbers of traffic incidents are rising in almost every category in Hillsborough County.
  • Both I-75 and I-4 run through Hillsborough County. Based on the number of fatal crashes per mile, 1-4 is the 3rd deadliest interstate in the US and I-75, within the borders of Florida, is the 15th most deadly interstate.
  • According to the Transportation for America's Pedestrian Danger Index, Tampa is the second most deadly city in the US for pedestrians and is surpassed only by the Orlando-Kissimmee area.

How bad would the traffic situation be in Hillsborough County if the traffic rules weren't enforced?

Hillsborough County Crash Stats20112012Percent Change3-Year Avg.
Total Number of Motor Vehicle Crashes 18,008 20,180 +12.06% 18,788
Fatalities 151 178 +17.88% 161
Injuries 16,283 16,145 -0.85% 16,536
Alcohol Related 1,424 1,478 +3.79% 1,422
Alcohol Related Fatalities 63 60 -4.76% 57
Alcohol Related Injuries 648 665 +2.62% 651

Hillsborough County Clerk of the Court:
Website, Traffic Fines

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