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Liberty County Traffic Tickets & Clerk of the Court Process

After you’ve been issued a traffic ticket in Liberty County, Florida, you will need to take certain steps to avoid the inside of a court room and to keep your driver’s license clean.

Most first-time traffic offenses, such as speeding and running a red light, can be handled outside of a court room, saving you time, money and the stress of points on your driving record.

Check the back of your ticket to see if your infraction qualifies and make sure to choose an option below before the deadline expires.

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Liberty County, Florida Recent Traffic Ticket Statistics

There were 626 total traffic tickets given out in Liberty County. Out of those tickets, 452 were for speeding and another 47 were for careless driving. A total of 49 or 9% of the tickets were dismissed and 89 drivers chose to attend traffic school to keep points off their license.

Taking the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course - also called Traffic School - to Avoid Points on your Driver's License

Once you plead guilty or no contest to your traffic violation in Liberty County, you'll likely qualify for the Basic Driver Improvement Course. If you're eligible to enroll, you'll be able to use the course to keep the points off your license and your insurance rates from going up in accordance with Florida statutes. After completing online traffic school, just return the certificate of completion to the Liberty County Clerk's office.

Do you Qualify to Attend the Liberty County Traffic School?

Many drivers miss the opportunity to eliminate points form their Florida license because they were unaware that they qualified for the BDI course. In Florida, all drivers have the opportunity to take the course up to five times and up to once every 12 months. Before you allow any more points to add up on your license, let the Clerk of the Court know you plan to attend online traffic school.

Liberty County Traffic School Online - Is it important?

The county seat of Liberty County is Bristol. While Bristol is the county seat, it's not a very big area and only has a population of about 966. However, it was once known as the potential location of the Biblical Garden of Eden due to the four heads of the Apalachicola River.

Liberty County has a population of 8,331 and covers about 843 square miles of space. About half the county is occupied by the Apalachicola National Forest, which is the largest U.S. National Forest in Florida. The forest covers a total of 988.89 square miles and it's the only national forest found in the panhandle of Florida.

After receiving a traffic ticket in Liberty County you'll likely be upset. Before you get too upset, consider the following:

  • The National Forest attracts a number of visitors every year from other Florida counties and even from neighboring states with the many outdoor activities offered.
  • Visitors bring a unique driving style and clog the roads with more drivers than normal.
  • A few major roadways run through the count including SR-20.
  • Interstate 10 is located just outside the county and it's known as the 7th deadliest highway in the county based on fatalities per mile.
  • Traffic accidents in the entire area are on the rise.

To start your traffic school course, choose a course format below. All courses cover the same material and take the same amount of time to complete.

Without law enforcement out patrolling the roads and traffic school for those getting tickets, could you imagine out bad the roads would be?

Liberty County Crash Stats20162015Percent Change3-Year Avg.
Total Number of Motor Vehicle Crashes 100 90 -10.00% 90
Fatalities 4 0 -100.00% 2
Injuries 57 65 +14.04% 58
Alcohol Related 6 3 -50.00% 4
Alcohol Related Fatalities 1 0 -100.00% 0
Alcohol Related Injuries 5 4 -20.00% 3

Liberty County Clerk of Court

Working with the Liberty County Clerk of the Court can start online. They accept many payments for court cases, traffic violations and other fines and fees right online. The clerk of the court also handles many services in person at their physical location. Whether you need a marriage license or just need to pay a fine, you'll need the help of the clerk's office. In addition, the clerk of courts handles all tasks related to public records.

The Liberty County Clerk of Court will handle all your needs when law enforcement issues you a traffic citation. You'll need to let the Clerk's office know of your decision to attend traffic school and make sure you pay your ticket. If you need more information about the Liberty County Clerk of Court, you can find it on their website here.

Directions to Liberty County Clerk of the Court:

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