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Manatee County Traffic Tickets & Clerk of the Court Process

After you’ve been given a traffic ticket by law enforcement in Manatee County, Florida, you want to make sure you take the proper steps to avoid the courts and keep points off your driver’s license.

Most traffic tickets are civil infractions, such as speeding and running a red light. These offenses can often be handled outside of the courts saving you time, money and keeping your driving record clean.

Check the information on the back of your ticket to ensure your infraction qualifies and choose from the options below before the deadline arrives.

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Manatee County, Latest Florida Driver Stats for Traffic Tickets

Throughout Manatee County, 21,536 traffic tickets were handed out. This included 7,694 tickets for speeding and 4,075 for careless driving. The red light cameras caught another 2,687 drivers running red lights. Only 4% of all the tickets were dismissed. There were a total of 4,640 drivers electing to enroll in traffic school instead of accepting points on their license.

Avoiding Points on Your Florida License by Attending the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course - commonly referred to as Traffic School

After you've plead guilty or no contest to your traffic violation in Manatee County, you'll can check your eligibility for Basic Driving School. If you're eligible, you can enroll on online traffic school to eliminate points and keep your insurance rates from going up, according to the Florida statutes. Once you've gone through the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion to deliver to the Manatee County Clerk's office.

Are you Allowed to Enroll in Traffic School in Manatee County?

Many drivers miss the opportunity to remove points from their Florida license because they were unaware they could take traffic school online. The State of Florida allows you to attend traffic school once every 12 months and up to five times in your lifetime. Before you allow any more points on your license, enroll in traffic school and inform the Clerk of the Court of your decision.

Manatee County Traffic School Online

The county seat of Manatee County is Bradenton, which is also the largest city in the county. Bradenton is home to a number of attractions including the Cortez Fishing Village, DeSoto Square, Gamble Mansion, Myakka River State Park, Palmetto Historic Park and the Village of the Arts. It's also home to a minor league baseball team called the Bradenton Marauders and the Pittsburgh Pirates come to the city for spring training every year.

Manatee County has a population of 375,888 residents and covers about 893 square miles of space. Along with Bradenton, the county is home to Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Palmetto, Anna Maria, Longboat key and a number of Census-designated places and unincorporated places. Severe coastal destinations within the county attract thousands of visitors to the area every year.

After receiving a traffic ticket, you'll likely be a bit unhappy. Before you get too upset, consider these statistics:

  • Interstate 75 runs directly through the county and it's used by many visiting drivers on their way to other areas of Florida.
  • I-75 is known as one of the deadliest highways in the country.
  • Many other major roadways run through the county including US-41, US-301, SR-64 and SR-70.
  • With plenty of attractions and coastal areas, Manatee County attracts many visitors every year bringing their own driving style to the area.
  • Accidents throughout the area are on the rise.

To start your traffic school course, choose a course format below. All courses cover the same material and take the same amount of time to complete.

Without law enforcement patrolling the streets and traffic offenders given the opportunity to increase their driving knowledge through traffic school, things would be much worse.

Manatee County Crash Stats20162015Percent Change3-Year Avg.
Total Number of Motor Vehicle Crashes 6,208 5,722 -7.83% 5,820
Fatalities 71 56 -21.13% 59
Injuries 4,445 3,901 -12.24% 4,056
Alcohol Related 106 127 +19.81% 118
Alcohol Related Fatalities 11 16 +45.45% 14
Alcohol Related Injuries 80 110 +37.50% 92

Manatee County Clerk of Court

When you need a passport or you need to pay a fee or fine, you'll need the help of the clerk of the courts. In Manatee County, all public records are maintained by the clerk's office. The clerk of the court also handles the county funds, which means they accept payments for traffic citations, court cases, misdemeanor crimes and more. If it’s related to a payment to the county or public records, it falls under the duties of the clerk of courts.

The Manatee County Clerk of Court will take care of everything you need after you get a traffic ticket. You'll need to pay the ticket and let the Clerk's office know you have decided to attend online traffic school. More information about the Manatee County Clerk of Court can be found on their website here.

Directions to Manatee County Clerk of the Court:

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