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St. Lucie County Traffic Tickets & Clerk of the Court Process

If you've received a traffic ticket in St. Lucie County, Florida, you must take the correct steps to avoid points on your license and keep from going to course.

As a first-time offense and a civil infraction, such as running a red light or speeding, you will likely be able to handle the issue outside of the court, which will save you money, time and any points from going on your license.

Simply review the back of the ticket, which will have the deadline and will let you know if the infraction qualifies for one of the options below.

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St. Lucie County, Newest Florida Traffic Citation Stats

In St. Lucie County, a total of 22,239 traffic tickets were issued. Out of those tickets, 15,175 were for speeding and another 1,381 were for careless driving. Only 8% of all the tickets were dismissed. A total of 3,610 drivers chose to use traffic school to keep points off their license.

Taking the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course - also called Traffic School - to Eliminate Points from your Driver's License

After you plead no contest or guilty to your traffic ticket in St. Lucie County, you can enroll in traffic school, if you qualify. With the Basic Driver Improvement Course, you can keep the points off your license and your insurance rates from going up in accordance with Florida statutes. Just make sure you take the certificate of completion from your online traffic school course to the Clerk's office once you've completed the course.

Are you Eligible to Enroll in St. Lucie County Traffic School?

Thousands of drivers miss the opportunity to use online traffic school to remove points from their driver's license every year. If you've taken the course before, you may still be eligible. Florida drivers are allowed to take the BDI Course up to five times in their lifetime and once every 12 months. Make sure you let the Clerk of the Court know you plan to enroll in online traffic school before any more points end up on your license.

St. Lucie County Traffic School Online - Why does it matter?

The county seat of St. Lucie County is Fort Pierce. The city is known as the Sunrise City and offers many unique attractions. It has received the great American Main Street Award and the City of Excellence Award in the past. Fort Pierce is home to the Boston House, Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, Sunrise Theatre, Smithsonian Marine Ecosystem Exhibit and many other attractions.

St. Lucie County has a population of 298,563 and covers 688 square miles. It's also home to Port St. Lucie, the St. Lucie Village and many other communities. The St. Lucie County Aquarium, Heathcote Botanical Gardens and Experimental Oculina Research Reserve are all found within the county.

When you receive a traffic ticket in St. Lucie County you may be rather upset. Consider these statistics before you get too upset:

  • Interstate 95 runs through the county and it's considered one of the most dangerous highways in the entire country.
  • Many other major roadways are found within the county including Florida's Turnpike, US-1, SR-A1A, SR-70 and many more.
  • The many beach areas and attractions bring plenty of visitors to the area with their unique driving styles every year.
  • Many drivers pass through the county on I-95 trying to get south to Miami or north to Jacksonville.
  • Accidents in the area have been on the rise for many years.

To start your traffic school course, choose a course format below. All courses cover the same material and take the same amount of time to complete.

Could you imagine how dangerous the road would be without law enforcement or traffic school?

St. Lucie County Crash Stats20162015Percent Change3-Year Avg.
Total Number of Motor Vehicle Crashes 4,803 4,338 -9.68% 4,344
Fatalities 35 36 +2.86% 36
Injuries 3,053 2,849 -6.68% 2,839
Alcohol Related 55 63 +14.55% 57
Alcohol Related Fatalities 4 5 +25.00% 5
Alcohol Related Injuries 23 40 +73.91% 31

St. Lucie County Clerk of Court

For residents in St. Lucie County, the clerk of the court offers online services for payment of fees and fines. You may also be able to perform online public records searches or download necessary forms. Paying child support, alimony, marriage license fees and even passport fees will be done through the clerk of courts office. If the service you need isn't offered by the clerk of the court online, you will need to visit the clerk's office.

The St. Lucie County Clerk of Court will take care of your payment and other needs after you receive a traffic ticket. After enrolling in online traffic school, make sure you inform the Clerk's office of your decision. If you need more information about the St. Lucie County Clerk of Court, you can find it on their website here.

Directions to St. Lucie County Clerk of the Court:

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