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Waze App Cuts Commute Times; Endangers Communities

The Waze app is proving to be popular among commuters for shortening commute times but it’s proving to be extremely unpopular among residents who live in neighborhoods through which the commuter traffic is routed.

Waze uses real time data from other users via GPS and direct user input to warn of congested traffic ahead. It also offers suggested routes to bypass those congested areas. While it’s proving to be a boon for commuters, many residents on side streets, where congested traffic is rerouted, are complaining that Waze is making their streets more dangerous.

Residents of side streets can tell when Waze has rerouted traffic through their neighborhoods because of the increased volume of traffic on their streets. They complain that the increased traffic on residential streets also brings more speeders and stop sign runners that endanger the normally quiet neighborhoods.

Another issue that adds to the dangers in those neighborhoods is the fact that heavy commute times often coincide with the times when school buses are picking up and dropping off school children.

While the Waze app may be saving gas and shortening commute times, it isn’t necessarily making the roads any safer and can, in certain instances make the roads more dangerous.

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