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Florida Driver Handbook: Projecting Load

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Florida Driver Handbook: Projecting Load

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Table of Contents

7. Vehicle Equipment

When a load extends to the rear 4 feet or more beyond the bed or body of the loaded vehicle, it must be clearly marked.

7.7.1 - Nighttime

At night, or when you cannot see clearly at least 1,000 feet ahead, the following markers must be used:

  • Two red lamps on the back of the load which can be seen from at least 500 feet to the rear.
  • Two red reflectors on the rear which can be seen at night from all distances between 100 and 600 feet when directly in front of low- beam headlights. These reflectors should be placed to show the full width of the load. Two red lamps, one on each side of the load, which can be seen from at least 500 feet. These lamps should be placed near the end of the projecting load.

7.7.2 - Daytime

In the daytime, 4 red flags at least 12 inches square must be placed on the projecting load where red lamps are used at night (extreme rear and sides).

NOTE: If the trailer or motor vehicle's transporting logs, long pulpwood, poles or posts that extend more than 4 feet beyond the rear of the load, then you must have one amber strobe-type lamp equipped, so that the lamp is visible from the rear and both sides of the projecting load. The lamp must be operational and seen any time of day or night.

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