Punishment should fit the crime

Should The Punishment Fit The Traffic Offense?

Should the punishment fit the crime? Police in China have announced that, in addition to paying a fine, drivers who fail to dim their high beams when approaching oncoming traffic will have to stare into high beams for five minutes.

The author of this article has come up with some novel punishments to fit the traffic crime. Caught applying makeup in traffic: no makeup for a week. How do you feel?

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A child is a human caution sign

Every Child Is A Human Caution Sign

“Every child is a human caution sign” is the theme of this year’s Child Safety Awareness Campaign for the month of August. Each week during August, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) will highlight a different traffic safety issue involving children. Read more: DHSMV Promotes Child Safety Awareness in August

Passing zones for school buses

School Buses Returning To Roads Soon

School buses will be returning to the roads soon as schools reopen over the next few weeks. That means re-adjusting driving habits to watch for and stop for school buses. It also means being aware of school zone speed limits and, most especially, watching for children who may not be watching for you.

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA), an average of 135 deaths per year have occurred in school transportation crashes. Continue Reading

Better Drivers: Men vs Women

Ask The Traffic School Instructor: Better Drivers – Men vs Women

Question: Who are better drivers, men or women?

Answer: Deciding who’s better is one of those questions that’s hard to generalize. In an equal opportunity country, there are certainly men and women who are fully equal when it comes to being bad drivers. From a totally personal and unscientific point of view, I can tell you that, in every traffic violator class I’ve ever taught, men far outnumbered the women. The scientific data also seems to show the same types of numbers. So, if by better, you mean safer and less likely to be involved in a crash, the numbers favor women. Continue Reading

Small Car Crash Test

Small Cars Downgraded To Poor In IIHS Crash Tests

In crash tests performed on small cars by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 16 out of 32 cars received marginal or poor ratings. There just isn’t enough structure in the crumple zones to absorb the crash forces and protect the vehicle occupants. Read more: Range of ratings: Small car ratings run the gamut in challenging small overlap front test