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Florida Driver Handbook: Voluntary Contributions

Study for your upcoming driver's license test or learner's permit exam with the Florida Driver Handbook.

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Florida Driver Handbook: Voluntary Contributions

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Table of Contents

2. The Florida Driver License

When you are applying for a driver license or identification card you may voluntarily contribute to the following special trust funds:

  • ACG Traffic Safety Foundation - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Autism Services and Supports - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Children's Hearing Help Fund - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Disabled American Veterans - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Family First - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Florida Council of the Blind - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Health Care Trust Fund - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Hearing Research Institute Incorporated - Minimum contribution: $2
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International - Minimum contribution: $1
  • League Against Cancer/La Liga Contra el Cancer - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Prevent Blindness Florida - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Ronald McDonald House - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Senior Vision Services - Minimum contribution: $1
  • State Homes for Veterans Trust Fund - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Stop Heart Disease - Minimum contribution: $1
  • Support Our Troops - Minimum contribution: $1
  • The ARC of Florida - Minimum contribution: $1

2.14 - Fees

Fees for License

Initial license fee for first Florida license $48
Learners driver license (Original) $48
Class E renewal $48
Learners license renewal $48
Commercial Driver License $75
Stolen license-if police report filed No fee
Replacement license $25

Other Fees

Commercial Driver License endorsements $7
Hazardous Materials Endorsement Application and Background Check $91
Motorcycle endorsement $7
Identification Card (original) $25
Identification Card (replacement or renewal) $25
Stolen identification card - if police report filed No fee
Delinquent fee for renewals - after expiration date $15
Written Re-exams $10
Driving Re-exams $20
Veteran Designation $1
Tax Collector Service Fee (for services provided at a Tax Collector offices) $6.25

Service Fees

Administrative Fee Alcohol & Drug-Related Offenses (In addition to any other required fees) $130
After a license has been revoked $75
After a license has been suspended $45
After a license has been disqualified $75
Worthless checks $55
Suspension for Failure to Pay or Appear for a Traffic Citation, Failure to Pay Child support, Failure to Pay Court Financial Obligations $60

Insurance Suspension Fees

Failure to maintain PIP insurance:

(1st suspension) $150
(2nd suspension) $250
(3rd suspension) $500
Failure to maintain liability insurance $15
(1st suspension - resulting from a DUI conv.) $150
(2nd suspension - resulting from a DUI conv.) $250
(3rd suspension - resulting from a DUI conv.) $500

NOTE: If you are suspended under both the PIP and the liability law, you will be charged both reinstatement fees.

Driver Licenses Agents (Tax Collectors)

Your local Tax Collector may provide full or limited driver license services. Tax Collectors may assess a $6.25 service fee.


  1. Who needs a Florida driver license? (See section 2.2)
  2. Who does not need a Florida driver license? (See section 2.3)
  3. Can a person temporarily operate a farm tractor on the highway without a driver license? (See section 2.3)
  4. List two documents that can be used as proof of social security number. (See section 2.5)
  5. List two documents that can be used as proof of residential address. (See section 2.5)
  6. At what age are persons no longer required to have parental consent to obtain a Florida driver license? (See section 2.6)
  7. What driving course is required for a person that has never been licensed? (See section 2.7)
  8. What maneuvers are required on a driving test? (See section 2.7.4)
  9. What examinations are required to obtain a Florida Learner's License? (See section 2.7.2)
  10. Can telescopic lenses be used to pass the vision test? (See section 2.7.3)

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