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Florida Driver Handbook: Driving a Motor Vehicle in Florida is a Privilege You Earn

Study for your upcoming driver's license test or learner's permit exam with the Florida Driver Handbook.

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Florida Driver Handbook: Driving a Motor Vehicle in Florida is a Privilege You Earn

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Table of Contents

4. Driving Privilege

You cannot obtain a license in Florida under the following conditions:

  • If your license is suspended or revoked in any state;
  • If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol;
  • If you cannot drive safely because of mental or physical problems; (Deafness alone will not prevent a person from being issued a driver license.)
  • If you are under the legal age for licensing (15 for Learner's license, 16 for Class E).

Every driver who obtains a license must drive safely to keep it. If you break the traffic laws or become an unsafe driver, your license can be taken away. It can be suspended, revoked, or canceled.

Your license can be SUSPENDED if you:

  • Make a fraudulent driver license application.
  • Allow your license to be used for a purpose that is against the law.
  • Are convicted in a traffic court and the court orders that your license be suspended.
  • Refuse to take a test to show if you
  • are driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Misuse a restricted license.
  • Earn a certain number of points for traffic offenses on the point system.
  • Break a traffic law and fail to pay your fine or appear in court as directed.
  • Fail to pay child support.
  • Fail to carry insurance on your vehicle.
  • Fail to stop for a school bus.
  • Use tobacco if you are under age.
  • Commit retail theft.
  • Education Non-Compliance (School Dropout).

Your license must be REVOKED if you are found guilty of, or department records show:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances.
  • A felony in which a motor vehicle is used. Driving during restricted hours|3
  • Not stopping to give help when the vehicle you are driving is involved in a crash causing death or personal injury.
  • Lying about the ownership or operation of motor vehicles.
  • Three cases of reckless driving within one year. Forfeiting bail and not going to court to avoid being convicted of reckless driving counts the same as a conviction.
  • An immoral act in which a motor vehicle was used.
  • Three major offenses or 15 offenses for which you receive points within a 5-year period.
  • A felony for drug possession.
  • Vision worse than the standard minimum requirements.
  • Racing on the highway. A court may also order that your license be revoked for certain other traffic offenses.

Your license can be CANCELLED if:

  • Your license was issued in error.
  • You giving false information or identification.
  • You failed to complete a required school. Section 322.0261 and 322.091 Florida Statutes

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